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Hello, and welcome to The Inspired Knitter – the blog!

I figured I’d kick off this blog with a post about the types of content I intend to feature here. With a mandate specifically around catering to knitting, crochet and fibre/needle arts enthiusiasts in Toronto and the GTA, the focus of the content of this blog will typically be around local artisans, events, businesses and people. Once in a while, I may branch out to include international or worldwide posts, but that’ll be rare.

Through The Inspired Knitter, I intend to reach out to and interview leaders in the community who, for example:

  • run local yarn stores
  • teach knitting, crochet and other fibre/needle arts courses, classes and workshops
  • design patterns
  • run knitting publications, either independent or otherwise
  • run stitch ‘n bitches, or clubs
  • run local related events
  • produce fibre/needle artwork
  • run local related charities

I will further supplement the blog with event and store reviews, links to knitting news, posts to get the creative juices flowing and, of course, updates to the website. I’d also like to implement guest blog posts from local artisans who have anything to say on the craft – perhaps a tutorial on a new technique, an opinion piece on the state of knitting in the city, or anything else they may have to say with regards the industry in our fair locale.

Before I sign off, I’d like to encourage all visitors (yes, that means you!) to email me at with any suggestions for articles you’d like to see, or stories you’d like to post as a guest on our blog.

Thanks, and I look forward to building a helpful, in-depth resource for all of you voracious Toronto crafters!

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