WWKIP: Worldwide Knit in Public Day Locations in the GTA

Looking for a group to join for WWKIP in 2015? Check out our comprehensive listing of ALL the WWKIP events (June 13, 2015) in the Greater Toronto Area, below:

(Not listed? Email us at info@torontoknits.ca with your WWKIP event details!)

Worldwide Knit in Public Day @ Central

Central Burlington Public Library
10 am – 2pm
Find Spun Fibre Arts there with a table, providing 5-min drop-ins to help any knitter or crocheter. Mini-lessons on various techniques. Fibre demos. Anyone finishing a Project Linus Afghan Square during the event will be entered to win a $25 Spun gift certificate.
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Keeping You in Stitches @ Gibson House Museum

1 pm – 5 pm
Bring a lawn chair, sun hat and project.
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For Knit’s Sake @ Ladeebee

12 pm – 5 pm
Raffle prizes, spare needles & yarn for anyone who wants to learn the basics.

Lettuce Knit WWKIP Day

12 pm – 6 pm
Water & snacks will be provided, but please also bring your own. If weather is inclement, limited space indoors will be available.

Hang out at Linda’s Craftique

10 am – 5 pm
Bring your fibre project and work on it at the store for the day.

Knit in the Park @ Neilson Creative Centre

56 Neilson Drive, Toronto
12 pm – 4 pm
Learn new techniques, or just knit! Bring a chair, mug and your project. Snacks & drinks for sale. In the park, or inside the centre. Free parking. Washrooms nearby.
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Get Your Stitch On @ Leslie Grove Park with The Purple Purl

12 pm – 4 pm
Leslie Grove Park, 1158 Queen Street East, Toronto
Bring chairs or blankets to sit on, and your knitting project.

Scugog Shores Fibre Artist’s Knitting in the Round

10 am – 2 pm
Palmer Park, 175 Water St, Port Perry, ON
Knitters will work in the round on the same circular piece. Bring your own project too.
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Toronto Pints ‘n’ Purls

Starts at 1:30 pm
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What is Toronto Knits?

You might be asking yourself: just what is Toronto Knits?

And what a great question! Let me begin by explaining how I came to knitting, the gaps I saw in the resources that were available as I learned all I could about the skill, and what I came to envision as the perfect, well-rounded resource for curious, engaged knitters in the community of Greater Toronto.


When I stumbled across the social network for knitters, Ravelry, in 2010, I was immediately hooked. I invested endlessly inspiring hours scouring the database for patterns and finished projects. After only a week or two, I had thousands of favourites collected – more patterns than I could ever hope to collect in my lifetime, let alone knit. At this point, however, I picked up the sticks (again; like many, I had learned the skill as a child, but set it aside for a while).

Mind the Gap

But there was one thing missing: an easily-navigable, local-to-Toronto, online community. Sure, there are Ravelry groups – but they frequently revolve around specific knitting shops. Others made me feel like I had to socialize in person in order to join in online – something that, as a natural introvert, I wasn’t too interested in.

However, more than online communities, I wanted to know where I could find all the local knitting classes, events & shows in my area, and I wanted them to be collected in one space, so I wouldn’t have to visit multiple websites to collect them all, every time I was looking for something.

Finally, I wanted a single place where I could reliably find all currently open knitting store listings nearby – wherever I was in the GTA. Google Maps was sorely lacking in listings in those days, and to this day are frequently incorrect. The same goes for KnitMap – a fantastic resource – but too many times have I found myself visiting a yarn shop listed on either resource, only to find it has either moved, changed its hours, or closed down completely.

A Solution

The answer to my knitting woes? A curated online directory of yarn shops & mills, community organizations, and knitting/crochet circles in the Greater Toronto Area, replete with an owner-managed events calendar, and boasting a robust classified ads section for everyone else to buy & sell fibre arts related goods & services.

Toronto Knits is here to close these gaps in community offerings online that support the offline knitting community in both the City of Toronto, and the surrounding Greater Toronto Areas. And who knows – maybe one day, it will expand to include the whole of Canada!

Toronto Knits: directory, events calendar & classifieds for the knitting community.

TorontoKnits.ca Promotes Knitting, Crochet & Fibre-Arts in GTA

Toronto, Canada, October 29, 2014 — Local digital interactive boutique, Primordial Soup, launches TorontoKnits.ca, the go-to website for GTA and surrounding area knitters, crocheters and fibre-arts enthusiasts. TorontoKnits.ca boasts a curated Business Directory, Events Calendar, and regional Classifieds.

The website’s directory features a freemium subscription model, ensuring listings are accurate and reliable. Yarn stores, yarn producers, artisans, and other fibre-arts related businesses and community organisations are encouraged to register for a free listing. The curation includes verification of the business’s operations which, according to Primordial Soup, will ensure that businesses listed in the directory are still operating, therefore making the directory the go-to place for anyone looking to visit a local yarn shop (LYS), or hire a local artisan. “Too many times, I’ve looked up a yarn shop on Google Maps, or some of the other knitting directories, visited the location, and found the store was no longer in business. I’m really interested in providing a reliable resource for this information – whether close to home, or while on the road,” says TorontoKnits.ca’s founder, Christina Vinogradov.

TorontoKnits.ca is also home to a collaborative Events Calendar, where any GTA-based LYS or community organisation can promote events such as knitting / crochet classes, socials, craft fairs, art shows, or other creative festivals that will include sections for the fibre arts, sales that LYS’s or local artisans may be hosting or attending, and more. (Organizations that may wish to list events and not have a Directory Listing should contact info@torontoknits.ca.) Potential attendees can subscribe to the Calendar, and get notified of new events as they are posted. Knitters can finally, keep tabs on the community all in one place!

Rounding out the offering, TorontoKnits.ca features a Classifieds section, providing access to nearby buyers looking specifically for knit notions, crochet hooks, tatting accessories, unused yarn, pattern books and magazines, finished knit goods and more. Like the Directory, basic listings are free, with paid listings available to those looking to boost their ad.

Toronto Knits

About Primordial Soup
TorontoKnits.ca was produced by Primordial Soup, a Greater Toronto Area digital interactive boutique. Founded in 2011 by partners Christina and Michael Vinogradov, who combined have over 30 years of experience in digital interactive design and development, the company delivers interactive products for niche markets and select clients in Canada, and internationally. Find out more at PrimordialSoup.ca.

The Inspired Knitter's Introductory Post

Hello, and welcome to The Inspired Knitter – the TorontoKnits.ca blog!

I figured I’d kick off this blog with a post about the types of content I intend to feature here. With a mandate specifically around catering to knitting, crochet and fibre/needle arts enthiusiasts in Toronto and the GTA, the focus of the content of this blog will typically be around local artisans, events, businesses and people. Once in a while, I may branch out to include international or worldwide posts, but that’ll be rare.

Through The Inspired Knitter, I intend to reach out to and interview leaders in the community who, for example:

  • run local yarn stores
  • teach knitting, crochet and other fibre/needle arts courses, classes and workshops
  • design patterns
  • run knitting publications, either independent or otherwise
  • run stitch ‘n bitches, or clubs
  • run local related events
  • produce fibre/needle artwork
  • run local related charities

I will further supplement the blog with event and store reviews, links to knitting news, posts to get the creative juices flowing and, of course, updates to the TorontoKnits.ca website. I’d also like to implement guest blog posts from local artisans who have anything to say on the craft – perhaps a tutorial on a new technique, an opinion piece on the state of knitting in the city, or anything else they may have to say with regards the industry in our fair locale.

Before I sign off, I’d like to encourage all visitors (yes, that means you!) to email me at blog@torontoknits.ca with any suggestions for articles you’d like to see, or stories you’d like to post as a guest on our blog.

Thanks, and I look forward to building a helpful, in-depth resource for all of you voracious Toronto crafters!

Crafting Spaces & Upcoming Events in Toronto

I’m really getting into this whole “making” thing. I love how it brings me into the moment, forces me to concentrate on something beyond a few seconds, and stimulates both my imagination and my creativity. To be able to dream up something, and then create it… no matter how imperfect it always turns out to be, how different from what I’d originally conjured in my mind, I still enjoy the process. The things I churn out right now may not be the height of what I consider to be perfection, but I’m learning so much each time.

I’m only talking about knitting, right now, though sometimes photography and writing as well. I just received in my inbox an email from the Creativ Festival, which I attended last fall. They’ve released their pdf brochure of classes, and skimming through, I’m becoming quite excited about not only the knitting classes, but also the sewing ones.

Misha put it to me a while back that I should consider taking up sewing, as I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with all the wonderful fashion designers on Etsy. He said I could make my own stuff like what I see… and with my newly-growing self-confidence, I realised he was right. With such a great love for indie fashion, I should be able to dive in and participate in the design process – why not? I’ve always been creative. I commit to never again saying I’m not particularly talented and to instead announce daily, to myself and to the world, that any talent can be obtained, with enough commitment and passion, and that I do commit myself and have enough passion to take on the skill of making clothes and accessories – if only as a side hobby for now.

And I’m excited that the Creativ Festival is growing each year (I’m not sure when it began, I was only aware of it beginning last year), and that it offers both sewing and knitting classes. I’m also really excited about checking out The Work Room, a crafting and sewing space in Toronto that offers classes for beginners and experienced people alike, as well as hourly work space if you don’t have space for, or own, a sewing machine at home. I can’t forget about Miracle Thieves, a new crafting space opening up in Toronto (their grand opening is July 28th – I won’t be home yet, but you should go check it out) – I’m curious to see how they’re going to differentiate themselves from Magic Pony’s crafting space, Narwhal Art Projects. Though I missed this year’s Mini Maker Faire Toronto, I’m keeping watch for future years, and I’ve signed up to Toronto Craft Alert’s blog to keep up with all things craft-related in the city.

It feels good to have new things on the horizon – all of this, plus school in September… I’m going to be a busy girl.