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I’m really getting into this whole “making” thing. I love how it brings me into the moment, forces me to concentrate on something beyond a few seconds, and stimulates both my imagination and my creativity. To be able to dream up something, and then create it… no matter how imperfect it always turns out to be, how different from what I’d originally conjured in my mind, I still enjoy the process. The things I churn out right now may not be the height of what I consider to be perfection, but I’m learning so much each time.

I’m only talking about knitting, right now, though sometimes photography and writing as well. I just received in my inbox an email from the Creativ Festival, which I attended last fall. They’ve released their pdf brochure of classes, and skimming through, I’m becoming quite excited about not only the knitting classes, but also the sewing ones.

Misha put it to me a while back that I should consider taking up sewing, as I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with all the wonderful fashion designers on Etsy. He said I could make my own stuff like what I see… and with my newly-growing self-confidence, I realised he was right. With such a great love for indie fashion, I should be able to dive in and participate in the design process – why not? I’ve always been creative. I commit to never again saying I’m not particularly talented and to instead announce daily, to myself and to the world, that any talent can be obtained, with enough commitment and passion, and that I do commit myself and have enough passion to take on the skill of making clothes and accessories – if only as a side hobby for now.

And I’m excited that the Creativ Festival is growing each year (I’m not sure when it began, I was only aware of it beginning last year), and that it offers both sewing and knitting classes. I’m also really excited about checking out The Work Room, a crafting and sewing space in Toronto that offers classes for beginners and experienced people alike, as well as hourly work space if you don’t have space for, or own, a sewing machine at home. I can’t forget about Miracle Thieves, a new crafting space opening up in Toronto (their grand opening is July 28th – I won’t be home yet, but you should go check it out) – I’m curious to see how they’re going to differentiate themselves from Magic Pony’s crafting space, Narwhal Art Projects. Though I missed this year’s Mini Maker Faire Toronto, I’m keeping watch for future years, and I’ve signed up to Toronto Craft Alert’s blog to keep up with all things craft-related in the city.

It feels good to have new things on the horizon – all of this, plus school in September… I’m going to be a busy girl.

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