A poem about… knitting.

Yep. Because I’m too busy and preoccupied to write a real post, here’s a poorly-crafted poem I’ve had sitting in my iPod Touch Notes for some time. Enjoy – or cringe. Whichever you prefer. Oh sharply pointed sticks And carefully knotted yarn Bring me back from those Shady corners of memory To this moment, here With you Focus my errant...

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The Most Awesomest Knitted Thing Ever

I’ve seen some pretty neat knit things – dreds (I want some! AKA “hair falls” in the rave community, when they come in hues such as hot pink, lime green, silver, goth purple – you get the idea), an Egyptian collar, this insanely weird stuff from pyuupiru ( The geek in me is simply erupting with joy about this. I...

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