Hike Haliburton Festival

Ontario Travel: 9th Annual Hike Haliburton Festival

If you’re looking for somewhere to get outside and stretch those atrophied legs, then why not check out the Hike Haliburton Festival? Happening over a 4-day stretch, September 18th-21st, there is a wide variety of events on the schedule for people with all sorts of interests: fishers, foodies, artists and many more will find hikes and events geared towards them....

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Knitting in Italy: Lellabella Venezia

The only yarn shop the hubby and I managed to stumble across whilst actually open during our honeymoon in Italy was in Venice: Lellabella. It is tucked in next to the bridge on Calle Mandola. Excited to have found an open yarn shop in Italy – in Venice, no less! – I wandered around and tried to find a single...

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Gateway Fibreworks

Winter Weekend Getaway

The hubby and I visited Dorset, Ontario last weekend. We were gifted a 3-night stay at The Moose B&B, by Toronto-based drummer Chris Lesso for our wedding last year. The B&B was fantastic – clean, bright, beautifully decorated, and the breakfasts – oh, the breakfasts were really good. I highly recommend staying there if you ever make a trip up...

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Photography by Michelle Belsky (MagnoliaStudios.ca) - Tophat (Malabar.net) - Groom's Vest (SumieTachibana.com) - Groom's Pants (BoomerTO.com) - Bride's skirt (PinarEris.com)

My August 2013 Steampunk Wedding at Wychwood Barns in Toronto

I was the bride in a Steampunk wedding held in Toronto, Ontario, at the beginning of August 2013. Below is my recounting of how the day went, along with some pictures, and some shout-outs to the really amazing people who pulled together to make it an incredible experience for all of us. (Jump to the credits, if you’d prefer to...

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Short Walk Around Old Toronto

On a short walk home from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre one day, I was inspired to snap some angles, colours and textures I saw around Union Station and Old Toronto, using nothing more than my crappy cell phone cam. This is the result. Enjoy!

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Long Overdue Yarn Crawl Post

I started a new job at the very end of October, so I’ve been insanely busy since then (A Very Good Thing). This means that my little single-person (hey, I prefer it that way), mini-yarn-crawl that I did in early October has been relegated to a when-I-have-time post which, thankfully, happens to be over my two-week break from work over...

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Knitting in Northbrook: Log Cabin Yarns & Music

This past weekend, we travelled to Bon Echo for camping. On our way there, across Highway 7, I kept my eyes peeled on both the small towns we passed, and Google Maps, for – you guessed it – knitting shops! I came across one so close to Bon Echo, we couldn’t not stop on our way in – and I’m...

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Knitting in Montreal: A La Tricoteuse

This post is a long time coming! I was so busy with school, I skipped right past writing up this visit – until now! We went on a brief snowboarding/ski trip to Mt. Ste Anne this winter, and on our way home we passed through Montreal. Obsessive as I am about wanting to get yarn from as many locations we...

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Knitting-related Apps for Android

I’m doing research into what apps are available for knitters for a school project, and I thought here would be a great place to document some of that research. I’ll list the apps I discuss here in alphabetical order only. I am not actually going to review all these apps, as I won’t have the time to install and actually...

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